Into the Desert! BNSF’s Transcon – Fullerton to Cadiz

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Into the Desert! BNSF’s Transcon – Fullerton to Cadiz

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Grab your sunscreen and water as we head out for a journey “Into the Desert!”.  This action packed journey begins at Fullerton on the San Bernardino Subdivision and continues through Cajon Pass, Barstow and into the Mojave Desert to Cadiz. You will see many popular hotspots on the BNSF San Bernardino, Cajon, and Needles subdivisions. This journey showcases the drastic geographical change for trains leaving the Los Angeles area.

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Program Specifications DVD

  • Format:  DVD-R NTSC 16:9 Widescreen
  • Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo (Narration On/Off)
  • Runtime - 1 hr. 52 mins. (with previews)

Program Specifications Blu-Ray

  • Format:  BD-R NTSC 1080i HD 16:9 Widescreen
  • Audio: PCM Stereo (Narration On/Off)
  • Runtime - 1 hr. 52 mins. (with previews)

Full Description

If you stand in the Mojave Desert, you feel the intense heat, the desert wind, a sense of desolation due to the expanse of uninhabited land, and wonderment that it is punctuated by mountains on all sides. What you then notice is the mile long BNSF intermodal train racing by at 80mph, followed by another, then another….

The ports of LA and Long Beach are the landing pads for the majority of America’s trade. The BNSF rapid fires intermodal trains loaded with intermodal out of LA to points in Mid-America and beyond. Join RailTrek Media as we follow BNSF’s transcontinental mainline from the LA area into the Mojave Desert, viewing various hotspots along the way; including Fullerton, San Bernardino, Cajon Pass, Barstow, Ash Hill, Siberia, and many more!  

This portion of BNSF’s Transcon must conquer several geographical challenges in its first 250 miles. Trains race out of the Pacific Ports on the San Bernardino Sub slicing through heavily populated areas, continue on the Cajon Sub climbing its namesake mountain pass, then race into barren desert on the Needles Sub. The train density, geographic challenges, and modern railroad equipment together make this a fascinating journey, “Into the Desert!”




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