Our mission is to discover the communities, geography, and people of America through the story of the rail industry. To share our passion and provide enthusiasts with the entertaining story of the North American rail industry through the highest quality product.

A note from our founder

RailTrek Media is dedicated to providing the highest quality in railroad related entertainment. We strive to bring you the fascinating story of the North American railroads - the machines, the people, and the geography - both past and present.

We are absolutely fascinated with trains from an equipment, people, business, and historical standpoint. Trains touch all of our lives; they deliver the raw materials and goods which make our way of modern life possible. 

Prior to the creation of RailTrek Media we've honed our videography and photography skills with over 15 years of experience. We have constantly upgraded equipment to capture the aesthetic of these subjects in the highest quality means available. Receiving positive feedback on our videography, we decided to take the next step. Pulling this love of videography, photography, and subject matter together we unexpectedly found something new; we have fun creating and telling a story!

Taking our interests in trains and our newly discovered fascination with video journalism, we set-off with a goal to discover America. We strive to accomplish this by telling the story of the rail industry which touches our lives, communities, and stunning geography

We bring YOU this story of the North American rail industry with the most progressive videography and photography means possible. Hopefully you will have as much fun as we do discovering these beautiful machines, places, and people. 

Come along on our adventure; it’s High Green and Run-8! 

~ Chris Kratzen, RailTrek Media - Founder



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